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On-page SEO is like priming canvas or so says David Viney (p.92, chapter 3) in his essential book "Get to the top on Google". Planning & preparation for your site begins with keyword discovery. Why not order a Domain Names Idea report to start the ball-rolling from just £20? Custom SEO identifies key phrases you need to inject into your site to court the all-powerful Google spider. The ubiquitous spread of keyword rich domains is testament to this. Google plans to pay better attention to branding strategies but their technology & success is all about indexing. So in the meantime you may need us if you want found in cyberspace.

Our custom SEO ensures all the constituent parts (on-page elements) of your website are optimised. Download your free Custom SEO Checklist based on D.Viney's book to see how the nuts & bolts work. Do you understand the importance of being discovered & ranked for long tail keywords? We charge slightly less for out custom seo work than content writing as we specialise in doing it most efficiently. So you get more for less! Of all our web design work, Web Designer Harrogate specialises in fixing, tweaking & improving websites created by others. Don't be held ransom by your web designer's nonchalance or expensive rates - we are good at transferring domain names & hosting where necessary.

What is the difference between on-page SEO & off-page SEO?

On-page elements include page title, page metadata (description & keywords), headings, image alt tags, body text & other assets like PDF files & videos. You control all of these as they are your pages! However content strategy for your site must balance the likes of human eyeballs to the needs of the all-powerful Google spider. Did we mention him before?

Off-page SEO simply asks other webmasters to link to your site. It is possibly the hardest thing to achieve cheaply in web design (save improving e-commerce conversion rates via interaction design testing). It is the cause of Google to regularly updates algos & determines the fortune of many companies.

SEO Reports ready for Adwords marketing with Beckwith IT

Web Designer Harrogate is part of Beckwith IT. Search Engine Marketing, Google Adwords & Social Media services are all available from Beckwith IT to help with link building. Planning your first Google Adwords campaign? Order our Custom SEO Adwords report for £25. Adwords' automated analysis of your page content fixes CPC (cost per click) bids. Weak on-page SEO & you will pay more for your clicks.

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Telephone Donald on 01423 545427 for affordable SEO hourly rates between £20 to £30 for credible work.

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