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Using Dreamweaver software used to mean an expensive Dreamweaver CS5 purchase. Not any long! Beginning with Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 this leading WYSIWYG HTML editor is available on a yearly or month-to-month subscription plan. We will always build our range of affordable web design packages in Dreamweaver whenever possible. Dreamweaver templates & numerous extensions are very good reasons why. So how to do websites designed to make future maintenance a breeze?

Learn Dreamweaver & Update your Websites

For cheaper web design, Dreamweaver alternatives such as Coffee Cup software & Kompozer are readily available. In addition professional website designers often use direct coding software tools instead of web building programs. For example Style Master & Notepad++. So some designers may edit CSS code directly without ever needing Dreamweaver.

However Web Designer Harrogate (& Beckwith IT) recommend you use subscriptions as a means of paying for Dreamweaver as & when needed. Why not subscribe & get some training too? You can learn to build a professional website in Dreamweaver & keep your content updated whenever you want. Need a Dreamweaver tutor to help give you plough ahead with ease?

Dreamweaver Training in Harrogate

Telephone Donald on 01423 545427 for affordable rates between £16 and £25 per hour.


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